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"Children get off to a great start." Ofsted 2017

August 2018
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There are no events in the calendar for this month.

Welcome to our School

I extend a warm welcome to our school where children have fun and love to learn. Pangbourne  Primary is a community school for children from ages 3 to 11 and we are situated in a stunning rural location.

We pride ourselves in providing a happy, safe, secure and supportive learning environment where we pride ourselves on good behaviour, enabling your child to achieve academic and personal excellence.

We believe that, in  partnership with the home and the local community, we can provide an education that will give your child the best possible start in life. 

Melissa Fry 

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"Before and After School Care"

Andi's Early Birds Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club will run each morning from 7.30 am in the River Rooms

Places available:

Contact Andi on 07845 132478

Koosa After School Care

0845 094 2322


School News

The Daily Dash-“Fit to play, fit to learn”

Published: 12/09/2016 by S.Administrator
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We have decided to continue where possible with our daily walk/run, (previously called ‘The Mile A Day’ now called ‘The Daily Dash’). Key Stage 1 pupils are going to have a go and join Key Stage 2 for this event.

Research links movement with developing cognitive skills and raised attainment. The daily walk/run has resulted in transformational change for our children’s physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

We like it and have decided to continue because:

•             it is inclusive of all children

•             the children thrive on being outdoors – experiencing the fresh air, the weather, the sights and the sounds

•             children in the school are fit and able to get the most out of their PE sessions

•             it helps relationships

•             the children are very positive about it and proud of it

•             the children are clearly more resilient

•             it supports the rhythm of the classroom and the day

•             the children’s confidence has increased

•             children are focused and ready to learn when they come back into the classroom 


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