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Swanage day 4 Freja

Published: 25/05/2017 by Freja McGourty
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Hi I'm Freja, and I'm writing about day 4 and our Walk to Corfe Catle. 

It all started in the morning when we got woken up by Mrs Wilson and her spontaneous singing. She walked through the door when me and the other girls were sleeping. We were half asleep and she sang, "Now it's time to wake up and get ready for breakfast."
Then we came back from breakfast and got ready to go for our 3hour walk (6 miles) to Corfe Castle.
 As we came closer, we were able to see Corfe Castle. When we got there, we had lunch and we were all so hungry.
After we ate our lunch we had to go into 3 groups and my guide was Stuart and he took us round Corfe. He told us the funniest stories ever about the history. 

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