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Working with Parents


Our Relationship with Parents


We foster a strong partnership with all our parents to enable all the children to gain the most from their time at the school. We welcome parental help in school. There are always opportunities to become involved in school, whether it is on a “one off” basis such as helping with clearing school gardens and courtyards or more regular help such as assisting with the changing of reading books, helping with food technology, reading stories and so on.


If problems arise while your child is at school it is always best that these are discussed as early as possible so that a way forward can be agreed upon. If parents, staff and children work together we are far more likely to be able to resolve any difficulties. Likewise we share and celebrate the successes of individual pupils and the school as a whole.


Teachers are always happy to see parents after school if there are any concerns that parents wish to discuss. It is generally best to make an appointment through the school office as some days are better than others for teachers to see to you. Appointments can generally be made very quickly. Likewise, if the school has any concerns about your child, we will make an appointment with you to discuss them. If children have particular difficulties and need extra support, we will meet with their parents on a regular basis to discuss their progress.


Home - School Communication


We have many strategies in place to enable us to communicate as effectively as possible with families, in addition to regular events such as consultation evenings for parents.


Headteacher’s Monthly Newsletters

These include news items, diary dates, etc., and keep parents in touch with the latest developments in school.


Parent consultation evenings

We hold parent consultation meetings each term. Parents are invited into school to see the teachers and discuss their child’s progress.


Information Evenings

From time to time we hold information evenings covering subjects such as assessment, literacy, numeracy, school journeys, often in response to requests from parents.



Families are invited to sports days, assemblies, concerts and school productions on a regular basis. We try to vary the times of school events so that as many people as possible are able to join us.

Annual written reports

Each child receives a written report in July, giving details of progress and achievements as well as targets for the future.


How you can help us

It is not always easy to know what parents would like to know! It is not possible to tell parents everything so we do rely on you to ask us!


Support for ‘new’ parents

We understand that starting school can be as daunting for the parents as it may be for their children! We aim to be as helpful and informative as possible, but we do appreciate that parents may have additional questions that they wish to ask when they experience school life from the ‘other side’, perhaps for the first time. Please do not hesitate to approach any member of staff with any queries you have, or perhaps the parent of another pupil may easily be able to answer any concern that you may have.